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Escrow Agreement For GitHub Code

Github Escrow Agreement GitHub developer/bespoke security solutions provider


A well-established surveillance company with a history of working with financial institutions continues to grow and excel in delivering comprehensive solutions to their clients.


The Problem

The developer required an automated Git repository depositing process that was consistent with their internal backup processes. They needed to ensure the integrity of the files to provide the level of continuity required for their customers.


The Solution

SES delivered a customised connection and a virtual file system to satisfy both the security requirements and the client’s need for easy automation. The customer was happy that the process was delivered in a straightforward easy to manage package that allowed them to stay in control without compromising on any other areas of the Software Escrow process.


The Outcome

Automation means that the developer can deliver code into Escrow without additional human input so making the entire process very efficient and cost-effective whilst allowing them to focus on their business as usual processes.

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