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ISO: 27001 Gap Analysis

Understand areas for improvement as part of your ISO: 27001 compliancy efforts.

The Assessment is undertaken between stage one and stage two of the ISO: 27001 audit process and identifies the best ways for your business to improve and streamline your own internal Information Security Management System (ISMS) to ensure you meet the ISO: 27001 requirements. 

Businesses are increasingly choosing to obtain ISO: 27001 certification as it demonstrates that your organisation is taking the most effective measures to protect valuable data. In addition, compliancy with this standard provides peace of mind that the risk of data loss is significantly reduced and demonstrates your commitment to ongoing information security to your clients and stakeholders.

Benefits of and ISO: 27001 Gap Analysis

An ISO: 27001 Gap Analysis enables you to address any weaknesses in your ISMS before your audit. It ensures any ISMS weaknesses identified in stage one are appropriately addressed, ensuring your are prepared for stage two and the certification process. 

The Gap Analysis is also a unique opportunity for businesses to ask questions, learn more about the audit they will be engaging in and fully utilise the expertise of SES’s consultants to ensure you are prepared for the audit. Ultimately, the Gap Analysis provides you with peace of mind that the most effective processes are in place and you have met the certification requirements.

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