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Master Framework Escrow Agreement

Master Framework Escrow Agreement for a leading software healthcare provider


In recent years this well-respected Software provider to the Healthcare industry trusted by over 75% of the UK’s NHS organisations has been growing and acquiring other software companies to improve and complement its solution offering to customers.


The Problem

With an ever-growing number of critical Software applications being licensed to customers, the existing Escrow arrangements were restrictive, costly, and out of date and didn’t provide the flexibility required to work for the business and its customers in the future.


The Solution

SES was asked to provide a solution to protect the business and its customers using a simple and cost-effective Escrow process. SES introduced a master framework Escrow agreement that covered all customers and applications under one single escrow contract. Transference of any legacy Escrow contracts was simple and efficient using SES’s Free Transfer Offer (FTO) service.


The Outcome

The Software Vendor operates an efficient, secure and cost-effective software escrow arrangement that protects its customers and applications now and in the future. 

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