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Cloud Technology Has Changed Everything

Published on 02/02/2017

In the fast paced world we live in, businesses are heavily reliant on cloud applications which give them the flexibility to work from anywhere at any time and using numerous devices.

Business critical applications no longer come with a costly outlay, a sizeable install or infrequent updates. We pay a marginal fee every month or year for access, can begin using the applications instantly and they are updated constantly to give us an optimal experience. 

As you can see, the move towards cloud applications delivers significant benefits to the end user, but how has it changed their disaster recovery priorities? 

When considering using critical applications delivered through the cloud, your clients are aware that the operation risks vary significantly to traditional installed applications. Without the infrastructure installed on site, the customers’ application is delivered through web portals which are often either owned or provided by you. This makes the impact of supplier failure or a breach of the license agreement much more immediate. 

In many instances, the first indication of a customer having a problem with their supplier is the complete withdrawal of access to their application and all associated data. 

To help your clients guard against this potential data loss, SES has developed SaaS Escrow agreements that allow for a simplified high frequency deposit strategy. 

Whereas traditional Escrow (and even some cloud offerings) have been based on a single deposit – with a potential emergency deposit – this model is unsuitable for dynamic environments where data can become outdated very quickly. 

Using secure SFTP depositing from SES, not only enables you to deposit updated data to a depositing schedule agreed with your clients e.g. hourly, daily, weekly etc. but also allows you the option of automating deposits to reduce your time and administration.

To aid you further, SES has also developed the Master Multi-Licensee Escrow Agreements. This is a framework contract designed specifically for Software Developers who may have numerous clients requesting Escrow protection. 

Rather than negotiate Escrow separately with each of your clients, this template agreement enables you to protect any and all clients, consolidates your agreements, reduces your administration and eliminates future Implementation Fees (standard in Escrow) – providing an approximate 50% cost saving on first year Escrow Fees from the second requirement/client onwards.  There is a one-time Implementation Fee to put the agreement in place. SES charge an Annual Escrow Fee per registered client and an unlimited number of clients can be registered.

If you are interested in finding out more about how a Master Multi-Licensee Escrow Agreement can protect your clients and provide a distinct competitive advantage, please get in touch and one of our specialists will get back to you within one business day.

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