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Simplify SaaS Escrow With SFTP Depositing

Published on 05/10/2018

Using applications delivered through a Software as a Service (SaaS) model is becoming an increasingly popular way to deliver critical applications. SaaS Applications reduce the need for users to invest in and support their own infrastructure, can be accessed from anywhere in the world, provide faster development, save time and also provide end users with a solution which is infinitely scalable.

As services delivered through a SaaS model are not installed on the end user’s own infrastructure, they rely on their supplier for both access to their service and access to all their data. Should the supplier enter difficulty or fail, this means the impact on their clients can be much more immediate. For some clients, the first indication of a problem has been when the IAASP (Infrastructure-as-a-Service Partner) has restricted on the account, withdrawing both the service and access to all their data. Depending on the state of the supplier, this may never be reactivated. 

To protect against this sudden withdrawal of service, SES has created an industry leading SaaS Escrow solution. SES’s agreements protect end users by enabling the supplier of the application to frequently deposit the critical code and data on their behalf. This ensures that no matter how often the code changes, or how frequently the data is generated, the protections of the Escrow remain up to date and effective.

Ensuring access to up to date and accurate data at any given time is vital to and end user’s business continuity planning. SES is the only ISO 27001 certified Software Escrow provider to offer this level of service.

The SaaS Escrow solution SES has developed offers an unlimited number of deposits throughout the year under a flat annual fee. Many software suppliers choose to automate deposits, simplifying the depositing process and ensuring both the client’s code and data can be are continuously updated.

Other benefits of high frequency depositing using our SFTP facility include:

  • Simple, secure and easy to use.
  • Software code management ensuring version control of software IP and deposit traceability.
  • Reduction in time and administration of physical deposits.
  • Reduction in the carbon footprint of physical and hardcopy deposits.
  • Deposit from anywhere in the world.
  • Meets UK and European data protection standards.
  • Secure offsite third party source code repository.

If you would like to speak to us about protecting your business critical applications delivered through a SaaS model with a SaaS Escrow agreement, please get in touch and one of our specialists will get back to you within one business day.  

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