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"I would highly recommend SES as the innovative specialist for secure SaaS Escrow"

"After speaking to several Escrow suppliers we chose SES based on their ability to protect the key elements of our most critical SaaS application. SES delivered a unique service that allowed us to protect our SaaS model in real-time.  I would highly recommend SES as the innovative specialist for Secure SaaS Escrow."



Burgess Yachts is the global leader in superyachts sales, service and management.  As part of the service and management business, Burgess contracted a third-party vendor to develop a Data Management reporting tool providing customers with management information.  Burgess spoke to several Escrow providers including NCC and Iron Mountain and after proposals contracted SES to provide a bespoke SaaS Escrow Solution.



SES worked with both Burgess and the Software Vendor to create a fit for purpose SaaS Escrow Agreement that provided daily data deposits, quarterly source code deposits, optional redeployment capabilities and detailed reporting services. 



Burgess Yachts operate with complete peace of mind that the vital information gathered through SaaS management service is protected, accessible and completely up to date using SES’s SaaS Escrow.



Burgess has been perfecting their craft since 1975 and today they’re number one in every field of superyachts over 30m.

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