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Lockton Companies LLP operate a core claims management system which is central to their business and required a business continuity solution that would provide them with the assurance that, if the developer for this system was no longer able to support or maintain the system in the future, they would still have access to the claims management system. 


SES put into place an Individual Licensee Software Escrow Agreement and carried out our Source Code Validation test to ensure that the latest deposit of application source code was complete and correct, whilst also witnessing and documenting the rebuild process for the benefit of Lockton Companies LLP, should the Software Escrow ever be called upon. 


Lockton now has a fit-for-purpose Software Escrow Solution that provides them with the assurance that if the Software Escrow agreement was ever triggered, that SES would be able to release to them the latest deposit of source code as well as all the materials required to get the system back up and running -meeting Recovery Time Objectives for operational resilience. 




Lockton Companies Inc. is an American company that provides insurance, risk management, employee benefits and retirement services. It is the world's largest privately held insurance brokerage firm. In addition to its Kansas City, Missouri headquarters, Lockton operates more than 100+ locations in 125 countries.

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