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Software Escrow Continuity Agreement

Software Escrow Continuity Agreement HR software vendor


This longstanding HR software vendor provides HR software and payroll services to some of the UK’s biggest companies and government departments. Traditionally most software vendors provide software on-premise but with the flexibility, limitless geographical reach, scalability and cost savings associated with external hosting the company launched a SaaS-based model.


The Problem

The traditional Software Escrow model did not work for the client because the client required a quick and efficient way to access the external application in event of the vendor no longer being available to manage the hosted application. With the majority of the data being (PII) Personally Identifiable Information and no external partner being permitted to manage the data, a unique solution was required.


The Solution

SES worked with both the internal technical team and its storage partner Iron Mountain to provide a bespoke and secure Escrow facility for the PII data together with 6 monthly Source Code builds deployed in a run time environment with the data installed to prove a successful deployment.


The Outcome

With the collaborative efforts of all three parties, the Software Vendor overcame the challenges of providing viable and secure Escrow services to its SaaS customers globally.

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