​To ensure your application can be swiftly and accurately redeployed in the event of a release, minimising the impact to your business. SES are the only Escrow provider in the UK which offers unlimited deposits of application data as standard, to ensure that in the event of a release you always have access the most recent version of application data as part of the Escrow deposit.

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SaaS Escrow From SES

Business Continuity For Your Critical SaaS


Using third party applications that are delivered through a Software as a Service (SaaS) model or Application Service Provider (ASP) is becoming an increasingly popular way for End Users to access business critical applications, as they no longer require their own infrastructure. This can not only save on time and cost, but it can also have the potential to be more flexible, accessible and compatible.

Unlike traditional on-premise software, where in the event of a release the user retains access to all infrastructure, making the impact of supplier failure much less immediate. Services delivered through a SaaS model can have a much more sudden withdrawal of service or loss of business functionality as a result of supplier failure.

So how would you ensure that your service continues in the event your Software Developer or Application Service Provider suffers business failure? Or, how would you recover both the software and the data to ensure you can continue to use the application through an alternative ASP or manage the application in-house? 
In our experience, most software Escrow services do not address the real needs of a SaaS environment or the need for continued access to business critical applications. Secure SaaS from SES provides services that address these and other more complex SaaS and web based business critical systems.

​To find out more about incorporating a Secure SaaS agreement into your disaster recovery plans, speak to one of our specialists.

How Does SaaS Escrow For Hosted Applications Work

To mitigate the sudden withdrawal of service created by Developer failure for organisations using hosted applications, SES have created an industry leading SaaS solution. 

A copy of the applications source code and runtime files are held in Escrow as standard. However, what differs from our standard Software Escrow solution is that we take regular backups of application data and updates from the application service provider, which are stored securely alongside the source code and runtime files.

In the event of supplier failure, all material required for the successful redeployment of the application can be accessed through the Escrow agreement, guarding against service disruption and providing continuity of service.

Benefits Of A SaaS Escrow Agreement From SES

Access To Current Data

Ensures access to the current version of your application data in addition to the source code and runtime software.

Ensure Business Continuity

Ensures continuity for you business critical, revenue generating, highly customised or bespoke applications.



100GB included in all SFTP agreements as standard. (Scalable storage capacity available upon request).

Ensure Deposits Are Accurate

Validates the source code for your application, ensuring it can be rebuilt into a working application.

Build Long Term Relationships

Supports and builds long term End User - Software Supplier relationships.

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