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26 April, 2022

Post Incident Review: Analysing What Happened & Strengthening Your Defences

As we mentioned in a previous post, statistics are indicating that it’s now about when rather than if your organisation will become the victim of a cyber attack. With this in mind, many firms, including SES have shared plenty of advice and guidance on the measures you can take to either prevent an attack
20 April, 2022

Are We Doing Cyber Security Correctly?

Unfortunately, there is no definitive answer to this question and no two organisations are facing the same challenges when it comes to cyber security. Invariably, organisations everywhere are looking to maximise their cyber security position whilst managing limited security budgets and ensuring they have the right skillsets available.
13 April, 2022

Software Escrow, Simplified

Drawing on 20 years worth of experience in the Software Escrow sector, L1 strips back the SES Escrow service to its basic components, negating the set up fee and making it simple, effective and affordable to get the Software Escrow protection you need.
06 April, 2022

Investigating the True Cost Of A Cyber Attack

We’ve all seen the articles citing eye-watering figures of what a cyber attack could cost your organisation, but is this true of all attacks? And where does this money actually get spent?
23 March, 2022

There's Still Time To Save £1,000 On Your Software Validation

Having a disaster recovery plan to protect against unforeseen circumstances is essential to getting your business back online should the worst happen. With that in mind, SES is offering £1,000 of all Software validation testing until 29th April 2022 to help our customers build effective business continuity plans.
16 March, 2022

An SES Guide to Software Escrow Protection

Choosing the correct Software Escrow protection to fit your business can be a challenging task. With so many options out there, how do choose the protection which fits your needs?
09 March, 2022

SES Renews Cyber Essentials For 2022

Continued Cyber Essentials certification provides confidence to our customers that SES implements the most fundamental IT security measures. 
23 February, 2022

Who Is Responsible For Protecting Your SaaS Application Data?

When it comes to a SaaS application, subscribers may not fully understand who is responsible for protecting the data for their SaaS application and why they should be more proactive when it comes to selecting a SaaS provider.
16 February, 2022

UK Firms Urged To Bolster Cyber Defences

Britain's cyber security centre has urged UK organisations to check their cyber defences are substantial and bolster where required, as concerns grow about the potential for new Russian cyber attacks linked to tensions with Ukraine.
09 February, 2022

£1,000 Off All SES Code Validation Services

Save £1,000 on all SES Code Validation Services. 2020 and 2021 have seen the most consistent and largest increase in Escrow Code Validation Services ever.
26 January, 2022

SES receives Feefo Gold Trusted Service Award 2022

SES has won this year's Gold Trusted Service Award - a recognition of our outstanding achievement in delivering consistently excellent customer service.
19 January, 2022

Start Your Year Off Right With SES

Start your year off right by choosing industry-leading Software Escrow protection, provided by SES. Already have your Software Escrow portfolio in place with another supplier? Not satisfied with the level of protection you’re receiving or unhappy with the cost?

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