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25 September, 2018

Protect Your Critical Applications With Software Escrow

All businesses use at least one critical application in their organisation which is essential to their daily operation, examples include: CRM, financial software, stock control and logistics software and your company’s website.
19 September, 2018

The Importance Of A Multi Layered Security Approach

Following on from last week’s mailer where we discussed the various phishing attacks which exist and how your organisation can defend against them, this article discusses the advantages of a multi layered approach to secure your organisation against phishing threats.
11 September, 2018

Do You Know Your Smishing From Your Whaling? A Guide To Phishing Attacks

Phishing is a type of social engineering attack used to steal individual’s sensitive data such as login credentials and credit card data. Attackers masquerade as trusted entities and dupe their victims into opening malicious links which can lead to the target revealing sensitive information or malware being installed on their devices.
30 August, 2018

SES Expands Our Team With Two New Apprentices

As SES grows, choosing to recruit apprentices for various roles within the business provides us with the opportunity to identify the best potential talent and provide them with the skills, knowledge and experience to fit the skills gaps in our organisation.
30 August, 2018

Transfer Of IP: The Clause That Everyone Overlooks

It is widely known that Software Escrow protects you against the trigger events such as supplier failure and enables you to retain access to your application and continue to use it until a time when a suitable replacement can be procured.
30 August, 2018

Are Your Clients Aware Of The Protection Available To Them?

The Master Multi Licensee Agreement SES have created is designed to allow you to offer Software Escrow protection to all of your clients, regardless of the application or version that they are using and without having to pay additional setup fees.
14 August, 2018

Mergers and Acquisitions: How Do You Protect Your Investment? Part 2

Following on from last week’s article where we discussed the topic of Mergers and Acquisitions (M&As), retaining IP, key developer knowledge and how Software Escrow can help with the M&A process, we began thinking about the Cyber Security risks involved with these transactions.
07 August, 2018

Mergers and Acquisitions: How Do You Protect Your Investment? Part 1

The number of mergers and acquisitions being considered or in progress is on the rise. Only recently we have seen numerous acquisitions in the Financial, Technology and Pharmaceutical sectors, but what draws organisations to merge with or acquire one another and how can you protect your investment?
30 July, 2018

SES Renews ISO: 9001 & ISO: 27001 Certification

ISO: 9001 and ISO: 27001 certifications are fundamental to the way we operate here at SES, which is why we have just recertified both ISO: 9001 and ISO: 27001 certifications to the latest set of standards.
25 July, 2018

Information Assurance: A Natural Progression For SES

For nearly two decades, SES has constantly challenged ourselves to deliver innovative, industry leading solutions which exceed our customer’s expectations.
18 July, 2018

BeyondCorp: A New Take On Cyber Security

Traditional network security takes a positively medieval approach, building high castle walls and focusing on outward facing defences to keep attackers out of your network, but what happens when then they make it past your anti-virus and firewalls and breach your defences?
27 June, 2018

Does Your Escrow Portfolio Still Match Your Requirements?

Many businesses utilise Software Escrow to protect their key licensed software applications, recognising the criticality and importance of these applications to their businesses, and understanding that securing access to them protects the future continuity of their organisation.

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