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24 May, 2017

The Dynamic Nature Of SaaS & Changing Operational Risks

Using Software as a Service (SaaS) models to deliver business critical applications has become increasingly popular, as the dynamic nature of SaaS applications means end users can access their business critical applications from anywhere in the world at any time and on any device.
17 May, 2017

Why The Recent Cyber Attack On The NHS Is An Important Lesson For Us All

On Friday 12th May 2017 the NHS reported a large scale cyber security attack affecting 47 NHS trusts across England and 13 in Scotland, the latest in a string of high-profile cyber-attacks on large organisations.
09 May, 2017

A Single Agreement To Protect All Of Your Clients

It is common practice for Software Licensees to request Escrow as part of contract negotiations when licensing their important software applications because Escrow supports the licence and protects their investment.
25 April, 2017

Cloud Applications Safeguarding The Future

How has the migration of business critical applications to cloud based solutions affected business continuity planning?
23 March, 2017

Six Reasons To Choose SES As Your Software Escrow Partner (End Users)

When considering your Escrow protection it can be easy to opt for a default provider rather than spending time researching the various alternatives on offer.
23 March, 2017

Five Reasons To Choose SES As Your Software Escrow Provider (Software Developers)

When considering your Escrow provision it can be easy to opt for a default provider rather than spending time researching the various alternatives on offer.
21 March, 2017

Four Steps To Securing Your Escrow Deposit

Security is becoming a major concern within many organisations as they set their focus on meeting increasingly strict standards in order to trade more effectively and securely.
14 March, 2017

Disaster Recovery Provision Is Only As Good As Its Testing

The vast majority of businesses are heavily reliant on third party software owners to develop and maintain their business critical applications.
07 March, 2017

Simplify Escrow Provision With SFTP Depositing

As the leading provider of Software Escrow services, our business is built on delivering bespoke solutions which are tailored to your individual requirements.
23 February, 2017

Is Your Software Escrow Provider ISO 27001 Certified?

Did you know that SES are one of only two ISO 27001 certified Software Escrow providers in the UK?
22 February, 2017

Do You Have A Contingency Plan For Your Business Critical Applications?

The majority of organisations rely on licenced business critical applications every day.
16 February, 2017

"Do I Really Need To Offer Escrow?"

Many of the Software Vendors we speak to are initially hesitant when their clients enquire about including Escrow coverage as part of their service offering.

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