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24 May, 2022

Why ISO: 27001 Stands Out Above Other Information Security Frameworks?

ISO: 27001 is one of the most internationally recognised set of standards for Information Security Management (ISMS). 
18 May, 2022

How Much Would Downtime Cost Your Business?

Investing in critical applications is an exciting time for businesses, thinking about how they will streamline operations, help us generate more revenue and free up our time to focus on higher-value tasks.
17 May, 2022

4 Key Things To Consider When Researching Software Escrow Agents

When you rely on key applications that are business-critical, revenue-generating, bespoke or highly customised, you’ll want to protect against the threat of no longer having access to them. This is where Software Escrow comes in.
11 May, 2022

6 Practical Measures To Protect Your Business From Cyber Threats

The threat of cybercrime is reaching an all-time high. Recent reports suggest as many as 39% of businesses have suffered cyber attacks or breaches over the past 12 months.
10 May, 2022

Transferring Your Escrow To SES Couldn’t Be Simpler

Already have Software Escrow protection in place with another supplier, but not happy with the service you’re receiving? SES’s free transfer offer enables you to transfer your existing portfolio to SES at no additional cost. There are no set up fees and SES will manage the entire process on your behalf. 
09 May, 2022

How Maturity Assessments Enhance Your Security Posture

At worst, information assurance consultancy can risk feeling like paying somebody merely to tell you what you already really know; or even performing work that, at least theoretically, you could do yourself. As a cyber security provider, we obviously beg to differ, but we acknowledge that when most companies have multiple areas competing for each pound of investment (including security)
09 May, 2022

Simple Escrow Protection – Affordable Price

Software Escrow protection shouldn’t be difficult or costly to set up. For over 20 years, SES has focused on delivering Software Escrow protection that is simple to set up, fairly priced and meets the needs of our clients.
06 May, 2022

How Effective Is Your Backup & Recovery Procedure?

With the ever-growing prevalence of ransomware attacks. We thought it was important not only to reiterate the importance of ensuring you have an effective backup and recovery strategy in place but also to provide advice and guidance on the steps you can take to maximise its effectiveness.
27 April, 2022

How Critical Are Your Applications To Your Ongoing Success?

Software applications have become ingrained into our lives and have completely transformed the workplace. Business tools like slack and SharePoint enable us to work without the constraints of a typical office.
27 April, 2022

Last Chance To Save £1,000 On Your Software Validation

This is your last chance to save £1,000 on your Software Validation testing. The offer expires this Friday 29th April 2022 at 5pm. 
26 April, 2022

Post Incident Review: Analysing What Happened & Strengthening Your Defences

As we mentioned in a previous post, statistics are indicating that it’s now about when rather than if your organisation will become the victim of a cyber attack. With this in mind, many firms, including SES have shared plenty of advice and guidance on the measures you can take to either prevent an attack
20 April, 2022

Are We Doing Cyber Security Correctly?

Unfortunately, there is no definitive answer to this question and no two organisations are facing the same challenges when it comes to cyber security. Invariably, organisations everywhere are looking to maximise their cyber security position whilst managing limited security budgets and ensuring they have the right skillsets available.

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